united minds for peace

peace is a rainbow, a bridge across time, it crosses all barriers and unites all our minds.

peace is a rainbow, a bridge across time, it crosses all barriers and unites all our minds.

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There can be many reasons why one would choose to meditate - but maybe the most important one is to create a sense of inner peace.

I am constantly being driven by my thoughts and feelings, and meditation is the vehicle that allows me to connect with my self at this inner level.

Through regular practice, I can create space inside my mind where I experience my inner self and guide it into a space of calmness and peace.

I more easily become detached from negative emotions.

When I experience inner peace and calmness, I open up to experiencing joy, love and clarity.

I develop a greater capacity for listening to others and for connecting with them heart-to-heart.

Meditation can also be a tool for personal development.

Self understanding increases as the busy-ness of the mind lessens and I become aware of qualities of my personality that are beneficial.

Peace draws out the best in us.

A peaceful world is a result of an inclusive society that promotes dignity and respect for all.

By upholding and mentoring the values of cooperation, fairness and sustainability, we contribute towards a more integrated and balanced social structure and a more socially conscious world.

As we continue to understand the influence of our actions, we develop responsible strategies for actions that:
1. brings together divisions and give dignity and space to the variety species we call humanity
2. promotes renewable practices for the Environment
3. gives respect and protection for all living beings

Every human being,
regardless of their background, can play a part in the process of bringing peace to the world, by holding the vision and experience of peace in their thoughts.

With a peaceful mind,
you can create peace within yourself and this will be felt by others. You can make a difference, to your family, friends and ultimately the world.

Peace starts in the mind.
With this awareness, together we can make it happen, then every thought we have, can truly be a thought for peace.